Bee a SPACE Keeper

Beehives are synonymous with community, in the hives everyone works towards a common goal. As in the hives, this project was created to be an ecosystem in which we can all participate, we all can have our roles, and be part of SPACE future.

To create this part that belongs to all of us, the SPACE community, we decided to adopt a recent story, which took place with one of our community members. The Beekeeper!

The Beekeeper mirrors the relationship of the human being in the "wheel of rats". He had his job, he was used to his routine, he was good at what he did, but like all of us he had a dream…

Also like most of us, he had the fear of failing, making mistakes, and failing to achieve his goal and he couldn't get out of the "rat wheel", every day, he carried that frustration, every day, he made the "wheel spin"…
He thought many times about it and that he would finaly gain courage to participate, but without success, when he was about to give up...

He saw SPACE, a beauty in its own right, full of ideas, artwork and most important, people, the community. He thought, no more excuses, and no regrets, will just put on the suit and get SPACE, the rest is history!

We chose this member of our community, but this member represents each and everyone of us, because after all, we all want to get out of the "Wheel of Rats", we are all a beekeeper, and we all have a special place in Space!

That is why we have created this page, it is mine it is yours and everybody that wants to space-travel with us, if everyone of us wear the suit anything is possible!

The Beekeeper

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