Frequent Asked Questions

NFT Marketplace

Where to start

You create your beautiful artwork, a awesome title and description, and we mint/deploy your artwork on the blockchain and our platform with all the details ready to be sold. You will need a web3 compatible browser like trust wallet or metamask and connect to BSC smart chain. Mint page here:

There is a very small minting and transaction fee that will be updated accordingly to maintain a very low price so anyone can create amazing artwork, the fee is displayed on minting page and will show on your wallet minting transaction request.

After your artwork is minted, Space Finance team will review and approve it to be used in our marketplace. After it is approved it will show up on your profile page, and you will be able to set a price for it and place it on sale. You can only sell your artwork in exchange for SPACE. A small 10% fee is applied to every sale. When you receive a bid you will be able to accept it if you want to and you can see all the bids for determined NFT on the bottom right after description or if you click bids.

Anyone can also buy your artwork directly for the price specified instead of bidding.

If you place a bid on any artwork, the bid will stay active until you cancel the bid on your profile.

We are delighted to be one of the first NFT markets on BSC blockchain and to have one of the lowest fees in the world, providing creators and users, endless possibilities to interact with the blockchain and digital world.

Remember the platform will be in alpha stage and we will be focusing on improving, correcting bugs and adding features at this stage, we also appreciate all our community feedback.

Space Finance does not take any resposablility to list or display your minted tokens/artwork, they will be minted to your wallet without any Space Finance involment, all done through smart contracts in a decentralized manner.